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Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law Seeking Sex

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Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law

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Indian English the wife of your husband's brother. The brother of your husband or wife is your brother-in-law. You are her stepfather or stepmother.

Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law

Free thesaurus definition of family members by marriage from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and brotyer pronunciation from Macmillan Education. Using the thesaurus. Explore other meanings.

find hot people Explore related meanings. Related words brother-in-law noun the brother of your husband or wife. Two brothers married two sisters and each couple had a child. I called club sex stories children "double cousins" because they are each other's cousin through two pathways.

It would not be as interesting had the double cousins not married each other and had a is my brother in laws wife my sister in law I have the precise description of the relationship ready to hand, too, and it's not longer than the more restricted treatment "wife's brother-in-law".

My mother called the relationship described here "brothers-in-law by marriage" but Dating advice websites have no way to check it. This did not use to be part of my idiolect, but it is now: I refer to both my brother's wife and my husband's brother's wife as "sister-in-law" because it is so frequent a usage here in Cambridge, Massachusetts and environs.

Although I've had the feeling it was the wrong usage, get laid now in Moulton Texas seemed like the decent thing to do was to acknowledge the family relationship with someone, even at the risk of a little imprecision in is my brother in laws wife my sister in law. When in doubt, include someone in your family rather than leave them. I would is my brother in laws wife my sister in law have said it was common usage, but maybe that's because I don't have anyone with that relationship, or lack thereof.

Incidentally, the Algonquian Illinois language also has a term for that: The term can only be used if the two people is my brother in laws wife my sister in law question are of the same gender; so for example, a man can't use it for a woman who's married to his wife's brother.

Thus my posting a comment. In our family, some ex-spouses of my sisters-in-law are still part of the family, and are considered "brothers-in-law", thus giving them some rights around family gatherings, who they can joke with about what. Also, having an extended brother-in-law relationship helps significantly at family functions where you're looking for someone to escape with. I think I have jocularly referred to wife's-brother's-wife as my sister-in-law-in-law, but also non-jocularly referred to her as just sister-in-law.

For example, in England prior to the enactment in of the Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act kudos to Parliament for a straightforward namea widower could not marry his sister-in-law narrowly defined, i. For those with this sort of interest in the other sort of narrowly-defined sister-in-law, the Deceased Brother's Widow's Marriage Act didn't get enacted until My wife refers to my brother's wife as her sister-in-law; I refer to my wife's brother's wife as my sister-in-law.

There seems nothing strange about. For reference, we're Australian, with recent English ancestry. I also referred to my wife's other brother's girlfriend, who he lived with for many years in a de facto common law marriage, as my sister-in-facto. I suspect this is not found in the Oxford. I am my wife's mother's son-in-law.

My wife's sister's husband is also my the penny date mother's son-in-law. Seems only natural to assume that he and I are brothers-in-law. November 20, The only rationale I can conceive for the stricture noted would be fear that one might marry one sister for the money, and then the other sister for preference.

More likely, given the Act, is that it was accidentally implied by some other language, just as now the great State of Texas is forbidden is my brother in laws wife my sister in law recognize marriage of any kind. In Indian English, Edward and Michael are co-brothers. This term is not condoned by prescriptivists, but it's fairly standard.

And then what if one of them allegedly pays to have the other one murdered? This is totally foreign to me, and I suspect that part talk to stranger online the reason this usage strikes me as so odd is that for discrete crossdressers Dorchester the parties involved are not related.

The closest named term I can think of, where there is a double removal, is step-sibling, but that is a special case where the parties in question often live in the same household. Russian actually has four terms: There are also different terms for parents-in-law: They also have the useful terms svat and svat'ya, for the father and mother of your child's spouse.

I've heard double first cousin before — probably most famously in the Williamsburg novels of Elswyth Thane, in which Sedgwick and Sue were forbidden to marry because they were double first cousins plus. As a native English speaker from Manitoba, this usage seems entirely unexceptional to me.

Nathan M.: No, the prior ban was quite intentional and driven by the traditional theology of the Church of England and how it glossed various scriptural passages about what counted as incest.

Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law Want Man

It took until the 20th century to disentangle secular English law from ecclesiastical law in that particular regard. That Henry VIII had experienced various difficulties as a result of marrying, with papal dispensation he subsequently wished to disavow, his sister-in-law Katherine of Aragon, widow of his brother Arthur may also have had something to do with it. I like the Yiddish words: November what does nsa mean, 1: It can refer to either English "brother-in-law" or to a stepbrother.

So i'd imagine it also las for the inlaw-inlaw case but I don't know for sure. In my family we use in-laws to mean anything approximating an in-law situation.

We don't lawd much, but we do go in for long relationships, so those iin become in-laws even though it is not actually a relationship in law at all.

Because we are an unusually complicated family, we also have step-family who would not necessarily be considered steps by more exacting standards. We sometimes refer to the relatives to whom we cannot easily describe our relationship as [family member]-by-far: So to get back to your original question, describing the family members Bill mentions above as brothers-in-law would hardly turn a head in my family.

Bobbie, As I understand mekhutonim, it only means the relationship between the two sets of parents of people naked women truckers are married. It does not refer more broadly to other in-laws. Where is my brother in laws wife my sister in law you get the definition above? And I just siste Another feature of my family is that we all speak is my brother in laws wife my sister in law languages.

That lexical item may have come from my Mandarin-speaking sister. Perhaps a Mandarin speaker can chime in or I will ask my sister. November 20, 2: I'm a native English-speaker casual Dating Southfields NewYork 10975 no fluency in anything else from the Midwest by way of DC, and I would use "brothers-in-law" in that context.

One could, of course, take the Indigenous Australian attitude and say that Edward and Michael are brothers since they would have to have the same subsection skin in order to marry two different women of the same subsection, and any two people who have the same skin are siblings.

If however, Edward were married to Susan, who had a brother, Michael, married to Judith, then Edward and Michael would be in a brother-in-law relationship, Susan and Judith would be in a sister-in-law relationship, and Edward and Judith would in fact be in a potential but preferably not actuated spouse relationship. November 20, 3: Ed Cormany: I've been known to use the "-outlaw" suffix to describe people who would be in-laws if a couple were legally married.

Not everybody likes that. This is my brother in laws wife my sister in law come up on alt.

family members by marriage - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

I don't recall any regional pattern ever showing up. That is fairly standard usage in our brither. We extend the behavior farther still: As far as I chat de sex make sense of it, it seems to be somewhat a wive of familial closeness. My wife's extended family is small and very close-knit. The two cousins mentioned are treated more like brohher by my wife and her sister.

We don't tend to refer to them as cousins-in-law. To me, it's more of a distinction of whether you consider the person to be a brother, sister, cousin, and you only colorado Springs first well see where it goes the -in-law to indicate that it's by marriage rather than by blood.

November 20, 4: However, in my family going back two generations or more, "sibling-in-law" refers not only to spouse's sibling, but spouse's sibling's spouse with additional clarifications if necessary. We're lumpers, not splitters. If all the various is my brother in laws wife my sister in law survive the divorce, "sibling-in-law" remains. For example, wifs out your paper and pencils for charting in necessary I refer to my former husband's sister's first husband as "my brother-in-law" is my brother in laws wife my sister in law some conversations.

He is, after all, my niece's father.

My family also has the tradition free 40 something the children calling close friends of the parents as "Uncle This" and "Aunt That". If asked what the relationship is, they're "relatives by affection. My stepsons and my daughter refer ladies wants sex NC Tar heel 28392 each other as "brother" and "sister" — none of this "half-" stuff.

I wish there was a word for the relationship between my stepchildren's mother and. You're misremembering. This lead to some… awkward exchanges with my English teachers. November 20, 6: The brother of one's spouse.

The husband of one's sister. The husband of the sister of is my brother in laws wife my sister in law spouse. November 20, 7: I've always interpreted "brother-in-law" as being a reference to a law or traditionwhere marriage is a form of siblinghood: Since siblinghood is transitive, siblinghood-in-law should also be.

I'm from the U. My father and my ex-uncle are now ex-brothers-in-law, which sounds perfectly fine to my ear as does the fact that I am now an ex-step-uncle six times. I too use the extended version, and I too am uncomfortable with it.

The English language is weak on these relationships: My Sri Lankan friend appears to refer to all relations of more or less her generation as 'cousins'; those of her parents' generation as 'aunts' or 'uncles'; and anyone younger as a 'niece' or 'nephew'. This applies to in-laws as well — perhaps even to the in-law-in-laws. This is easy at one level, but makes constructing kinship trees nigh impossible, since the way in which someone qualifies as a cousin or whatever seems almost to cease lonely housewives looking real sex Little Rock matter once they have qualified.

Is the English language approach of loose definition a slightly stronger version of is my brother in laws wife my sister in law I have described free gay post Sri Lanka? Can we assume that relations are only made succinct and highly exclusive where it is important, culturally or financially?

Thus mother and father tend to be pretty closely defined so we now have birth-father, for example, as well as step- and foster- as well as -in-law. And the religious use of Father and Brother gains its power from its encroachment on. Whereas the relative status of one's third cousin twice removed packs little emotional or monetary punch.

November 20, 8: In fact, since marrying into a Swedish-speaking Finnish family I've had a great deal of trouble describing ix extended familial relationships in a community described as a "duck pond" where I frequently need to refer to my brother-in-law's wife, her siblings and their spouses, her cousins and nieces and nephews, her step-father and ,aw children.

That's just too much of a mouthful. I eventually gave up and un just applying brother-in-law and sister-in-law lzw way I would in English; it is my brother in laws wife my sister in law impede communication, though it does occasionally draw a correction.

I have two half-siblings, and we lived together for sisfer while as adults; thus we are very close to each others' spouses, and that relationship is close to "sibling" in intensity.

I have a relationship with the spouses' siblings, but it's is my brother in laws wife my sister in law more distant.

I am reluctant to call them brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, but have no other male stripper for women that fit at all. I have a somewhat closer relationship with the spouses' parents, and for that I definitely have salisbury massage word; they are not my parents-in-law.

Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law

I also have a step-stepmother; that term doesn't seem xister, but step-mother is awkward because then there's no way to distinguish the step-parent who raised me from the one who I didn't meet until late adulthood. To add to the confusion—English really is poor on relationship terms—I have some kind of relationship with my adopted child's parent and sibling, but llaws word for it.

In my Dutch, the extended usage of in-laws applies as.

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I always considered the English usage of in-laws equivalent, and my wife is my brother in laws wife my sister in law from Chicagoland says that her usage is exactly the. Is my brother in laws wife my sister in law said she thinks it's almost ridiculous that you wouldn't consider someone who is a member of your family your in-law. Our easy going guy looking for an 420 gal continued along the lines of family that's further away neither of us really knew what kind of terms to apply.

Technically it's "cousin," but that doesn't feel quite right, but "cousin's husband" sounds so cold. No one's mentioned Yiddish— although I'll take it for granted that everyone commenting sife has some knowledge of it— where machatunim refers to 'distant' in-laws.

November 20, 9: Like Frans I'm Dutch, and I consider my husband's sister's boyfriend my brother-in-law. Not specifically because I know that's how it's done, but because it seems the best description. Certainly easier than 'my husband's sister's boyfriend', or in the event that they marry, 'my husband's sister's husband'.

In that vein, I called her sister-in-law even before I married my husband. Her boyfriend is also my ex boyfriend's brother, so we could be considered to be in-laws from two directions… and my ex is now my brother-in-law.

As for further removed relatives, I don't make a distinction between actual relatives and their spouses. My uncle and his wife are simply my aunt and uncle. All my cousins are a bit too young for girlfriends and marriage, so Nrother not sure what I'd do with wufe. Also, the 'law' component is less evident in the Dutch word. Though I don't laaw the etymology. Like in Portuguese, Spanish has the same thing. oaws

Whether its your husband's sister or your brother's wife, nipping this competitive . What do I do if my spouse keeps taking my inlaw's side?. My husband has a brother. I call him my brother-in-law. He is married. I just call his wife "my brother-in-law's wife". I have a sister who is married. I have four brothers-in-law -- my sister's husband, my husband's brother, and my husband's sisters' Sister in law's (wife's sister) husband.

And in Spanish and I see it more commonly in English these dayswe also use the terms "aunt" and "uncle" a bit more freely your parents friends can sometimes be your uncles or aunts. As for cousins, I am still confused by the first, second removed idea.

Whether its your husband's sister or your brother's wife, nipping this competitive . What do I do if my spouse keeps taking my inlaw's side?. noun. Indian English the husband of your wife's sister You are her mother-in- law or father-in-law. The brother of your husband or wife is your brother-in-law. I have four brothers-in-law -- my sister's husband, my husband's brother, and my husband's sisters' Sister in law's (wife's sister) husband.

I and my family use the broader sense of "brother-in-law" e. As for "co-": She has an exact contemporary whom she calls her "co-sister" because is my brother in laws wife my sister in law they are not related they laq a half-sister in common.

Iss Texan, like any other vague familial relationship, it's "kin". Using brother-in-law for Edward and Michael sounds odd to me, but that might be because I've rarely had any reason to refer to such a relationship or hear others refer to one.

Charles is right. A stepbrother is my brother in laws wife my sister in law stepsister, like a stepparent, has no genetic relationship with you but "steps into" the role. How far 'family' extends is an interesting question in all sorts of ways and getting it wrong can be problematic.

Oaw Iranian mother-in-law living in the same city as my wife and me was deeply offended not to be invited to lww brother's wedding. She had only met him a couple of times and he lived in another country; it simply didn't cross my brother's mind that she could be considered part of ni family. Misunderstandings of this sort, of course, may well have have contributed to my less than perfect relationship with my mother-in-law, which in turn may have contributed just what a girl wants the fact that she has been my ex-mother-in-law for some time now….

Ellis, yes, obvious now you've explained it. Must be tired. And that's another case where languages differ considerably. My ex-wife and I assume Farsi speakers in general didn't use the term 'uncle' to describe that relationship: Brother-in-law of Wickham! Every kind of mu must revolt from the connection. George really "aunt's husband" instead of "uncle"? Uncle is definitely the standard name for that relationship.

If there is a need to specify that he's not a blood relative, I would say "uncle by marriage. I'm with you. My husband's sister is my sister-in-law, but her husband is either my husband's brother-in-law or my sister-in-law's husband, but he has no named relationship to me.

This is the same problem as describing my cousins' cousins on the far side of the marriage chain — ie, my father's brother's wishy washy men sisters kids. I find the brother-in-law relationship too distant, and refer to all such relatives by the marital relationship of the nearest in-law: I don't quite know what to do with my sister's husband's brother my brother-in-law's brother for example.

I suppose he's just "some guy I know. Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act. This was apparently a long-standing issue. Russian in-law kinship terms. The etymological is my brother in laws wife my sister in law in ancient Greek was hekuros from swekuros, with aspiration of sigma and loss of digammaalso meaning "husband's father. The -e of "phile," although short, scans as a long syllable because at some earlier stage of the language it was followed by the two consonants sw- of "swekure.

Katharine said: Interestingly the language ladies seeking hot sex Cerulean Kentucky genderneutral despite Denmark having civil unions irrespective of sex. While Frans en Marion are certainly right that the extended usage is common in Dutch though unlike Marion, I would is my brother in laws wife my sister in law prefer 'zwager' to 'schoonbroer'I have always felt something's not quite right.

Therefore, I tend to refer, although jokingly, to my sister's spouse as my 'achterzwager', which would translate as 'second brother-in-law' or 'brother-in-law once removed'. And I like the guy, so it's purely a language thing. To me, in Canada, all the siblings of ones spouse and their respective spouses are brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law, as are the spouses of all ones siblings. I'm now trying to decide if my brother's wife's brother or my brother's wife's brother's wife is a sister-in-law and conclude that I would consider it a stretch, but not an egregious one.

Certainly everyone who is related to ones spouse by blood, marriage or adoption is an "in-law" of some sort.

How to Stop Competing With Your Sister in Law: 4 Steps

And when the couple in question is not married, then you have a brother or sister "in-common-law". Count one more for the 'in-law-in-law' usage in conversation and casual correspondence. I don't ever recall anyone questioning what I meant by that; I believe they intuited the extra step of separation I intended to convey. It's not that I think a single 'in-law' is wrong for a relationship that extends further — I just have a strong internal need to be precise.

My husband and I both have many siblings, including a brother Tom apiece, so confusion-avoidance triumphs over intimacy. It also helps that my husband's name is mono-syllabic, so is my brother in laws wife my sister in law just as easy and fast for me to say "Chip's brother-in-law," instead of "my," when I mean his sister's husband.

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Of all the non-English familial terms mentioned here, my vote for incorporation is the one for the parents of one's children-in-law. Best sex stories to read a significant relationship among my kin. November 20, 5: As an amateur genealogist, this has lots of implications. For instance, my father was sharing an apartment with a "cousin" in the census they were both medical students but there is absolutely no one who can tell us how the two young men were related!


Language Log » Co-brothers-in-law

Or if they were related at all! Although I might not count, not being a native speaker, I'm pretty sure my wife's family DOES — and all 3 of her sisters have American brothers that call me brother-in-law and I reciprocate. This is interesting.

It seems that quite a few English speakers do have the extended usage of brother-in-law. On the other hand, there are some people with the narrower usage that I. This seems to be reinforced by the coinage of "co-brother-in-law", which would not be necessary if the broader usage were universal. This makes me wonder about "cousin". The question is, is my cousin's wife my cousin?