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Great men of the bible

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Great men of the bible

There are many great men in the Bible. We learn about them, study them, and even try to emulate. We look thw the great things they have done and we marvel at their obedience to God.

There are awesome ken of their actions captured in Scripture. Yes, there are great men in the Bible. However, there are also great men living and breathing today.

You may be married to such a man. This is to take nothing away from the great men of old but rather to acknowledge the greatness in the man God has bbible you. Your husband has great strengths. Sure, he has weaknesses too, but when viewed in the light of his great men of the bible, you see who he is created to be.

There were many great men in the Bible so it is difficult to select only 7 of them. Here are my 7 great men of the Bible. Who would your choices. Some might say that Adam was the greatest man in the Bible because Perhaps Abraham could be said to be the greatest man because he is. Great men in the Bible abound throughout its pages. The Bible has stories of military heroes, prophets, preachers and kings who have followed God and given .

A wife grest become so familiar with her man that she fails to recognize the greatness that is within. The list here is not all inclusive.

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Abraham — full of faith, a servant of the Lord, a generous giver, a friend of God. Daniel — faithful, wholehearted in his commitments, a man of prayer, dream interpreter.

Moses — persistent in the face of adversity, slow of speech, a delegator, a prophet, humble. Paul — a rebel with a cause, not greedy, fearless, great integrity, a coach and trainer to.

There is so much more that could be said about each of these heroes. All had great strengths. Yet, if we shift our focus we could also point out their weakness.

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When we focus on their strengths we are able to see them in the light of their greatness. We see them in the light of who God created them to be. It is the same with your husband.

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He has great strengths. Sure, he has some weaknesses bile, but when viewed in the light of his strengths, you see who he is created to be.

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That's the gist of who I am. I love people and love to see their life and relationships thrive.

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